Lysterfield Park is one of my favourite local areas to walk. Within a 40 min drive from Melbourne Victoria, you very quickly go from City landscape to Bush landscape. Once the Lysterfield Lake was the water source for the Mornington Peninsula which ended in 1975 and now a playground for many water sports. Surrounding the lake there are  lots of great walks and the Commonwealth Games Mountain Bike track. The lake was where I had my very first kayaking experience although it was not calm on the day like in this picture but quite a swell with the wind blowing forcibly across the water. It certainly was an experience crossing over all the reeds at the other end of the lake, possibly holding my breath, hoping I wasn’t going to go into the drink. The path itself is very walkable, nothing too hard and it is very well maintained.

If you take the option to walk up to Trig Point on a clear day you will be rewarded by a fabulous view across to Port Phillip Bay, Western Port and the  Melbourne City skyline. According to Parks Victoria the park has over 170 species of birds and extensive wildlife. kangaroos, wallabies, echidna and green and golden bell-frogs. I have heard the frogs and watched patiently to see them but have not seen them as yet. Beside all those other wonderful things at the park I have mentioned to look at, I love the solitude here. Walking amongst the tall white gums, there is a special quietness that engulfs the area and  at times and an eerie atmosphere  when I walk here. Puddles what can I say. I love them. I think I may have been one of those children when I was young that would run, stand and sit in them causing my mother great grief. Now most people when they see them walk around them so not to get wet. I cannot help myself I have to stop look in them, and take a different perspective of my surrounds. Next time you see one join me in looking into them, walking through them or throwing a pebble to see the effects the ripples make. Your photos can turn out quite interesting, even flip your photos upside down for more of an interest.

Weekdays is when I like to walk here as on the weekend it is such a height of activity, BMX bikers, walkers, yachting, runners, canoeists, and people having a barbecue in the beautiful park grounds. What ever the day I hope you can come out to Lysterfield Park and enjoy a wonderful surrounds that offers so much in the heart of suburbia.